Pink Rockstar (AAA)
(57 customer reviews)

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa — THC: 25%


Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy

May Relieve

Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, PTSD, Stress


Herbal, Skunky, Spicy, Sweet


Earthy, Pungent, Skunky, Spicy, Sweet

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Pink Rockstar AAA

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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7.0 Grams, 14.0 Grams, 1-Oz (28g), 2xOz (56g), QP (112g), HP (224g), 1-Lb (448g), 2-Lb (896g)



Product Type

Indica Hybrid


Very High



57 reviews for Pink Rockstar (AAA)

  1. Alex Craig (verified owner)

    Very nice buds for the price and very sticky and smooth!

  2. TONY PEREIRA (verified owner)

    Picked up an once last week and I must say I will order again, very nice bud great high and you can’t be the price!


  3. Redticks44 (verified owner)

    Excellent smoke one very happy customer can’t water to oder more

  4. Redticks44 (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff easy on the lungs

  5. Todd MacNeil (verified owner)

    Great taste and smooth to smoke. Will purchase again!!

  6. Jamie McCamon (verified owner)

    Sweet taste. Good buzz. What more could you ask for.
    Will get this again for sure.

  7. Shamus Mchugh (verified owner)

    On a budget and want to a good smoke this is the one.

  8. lawrence clavelle (verified owner)

    nice taste. comfortably numb.

  9. 03yamaha (verified owner)

    Enjoyed very much,doesn’t put you to sleep.will buy again

  10. davep (verified owner)

    Good stuff. Fast delivery. Very pleased and will be ordering again soon.

  11. 03yamaha (verified owner)

    Im a veteran smoker and this stuff does the trick withou knocking you out.will purchase again

  12. johnny098 (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff easy on the lungs

  13. johnny098 (verified owner)

    really good stuff i love it

  14. johnny098 (verified owner)

    i will be buying this again

  15. johnny098 (verified owner)

    great high and you can’t be the price!

  16. Nobledragon (verified owner)

    I got my oz. with small buds, but very well groomed. The grind was very sticky and gooey, pulled off the teeth and trudged on… The aroma was very pleasant and not too overbearing. The high is a slap to the face and I’m cozy where I’m at kinda feel. The smoke is smooth and very easy on the throat. All in all, was a great product for the price!

  17. johnny098 (verified owner)

    goog stuff nice high

  18. kevinkeats (verified owner)

    Great stuff, great price, great service and just all around great site!

  19. Amber Rivers (verified owner)

    This is one of my new favs! Love the flavor and the aroma! Will be order this again

  20. Stephanie Blaikie (verified owner)

    Not bad at all nice stone I would order more

  21. Mr. maw (verified owner)

    Very smooth.
    Very tasty

  22. Wacker (verified owner)

    Excellent buzz at a good price

  23. Howard Priest (verified owner)

    Very pungent indica buds with great high!

  24. (verified owner)

    It hit hard.

  25. Jingles (verified owner)

    I really liked the PRS! It was tasty and smooth. I noticed very little coughing with this strain!

  26. Mr. maw (verified owner)

    One of my new favourites very easy to smoke.
    It’s gentle yet strong at the same time

  27. ALLAN MACPHEE (verified owner)

    Pink Rockstar is a nice soft Indica , it has a nice woodsy smell and a a smooth exhale . This is a good smoke if you would like to be social and not couch locked or if you just want to putt around the yard and enjoy the afternoon . Very relaxing , very predictable and very affordable!

  28. Brian Guertin (verified owner)

    For the price it was ok. Nice slow burning. Great flavour and nice white ash. If you are a chronic this is a great pick, Affordable and you catch a buzz. Small nugs,

  29. StudMuffin (verified owner)

    I feel like a piece of butter,melting on a pile of flapjacks.

  30. BillyP (verified owner)

    Damn I love this stuff!!!
    I’m an Indica guy give me a preference and outside of a few superstar Hybrids I want and need an Indica. I suffer from chronic neuropathic and lower back pain the result of a motorcycle accident that almost killed me. I need strong medicine and this stuff delivers. It is calming, sedating, relaxing and like taking a massive dose of love. Within very short order of a few puffs I found myself much less aware of my aches and pains and nice and groggy. Think we mighta watched a movie I was in and out of various states of awareness. I simply am amazed that this quality of weed is available at such an affordable price. All i can say is keep it up. It’s difficult to find good strains that actually give me some pain relief and even harder on a restricted budget so deals like this allow me the opportunity to avoid the opiods and stay somewhat coherent without the risk of having to take more dangerous drugs to get pain relief. Many thanks to the staff at for the opportunity to lead a somewhat normal life again.πŸ˜¬πŸ‘πŸ‘

  31. Shaune65 (verified owner)

    My favourite love the flavour and an excellent high!

  32. SmokeOldSchool (verified owner)

    Great smell, nice smooth flavor and she hits.

  33. Dawe (verified owner)

    This is the sticky icky that you hear Snoop Dogg talking about.

  34. 420man (verified owner)

    Nice bud! Good price… You can’t go wrong. Will buy again.

  35. Dave (verified owner)

    really nice taste and high

  36. Devon James (verified owner)

    Very sticky, Good bud

  37. Mr. maw (verified owner)

    Always a good pick!
    Smooth and tasty

  38. SmokeOldSchool (verified owner)

    Good smoke for a great price. What else is there to say?

  39. Shawn Jensen (verified owner)

    Great smoke…Will be buying again

  40. Mr. maw (verified owner)

    By far my favourite.. really nice smoke smooth taste. Just a genuinely awesome product

  41. Amber Rivers (verified owner)

    Still one of my favs! Love the taste and aroma

  42. MaxxDank (verified owner)

    For this I give it 4 Stars. First off, great smelling true to its name. The color and taste also true to it’s name..but for the price point I didn’t find the high was there for a true Pink lineage strain. All in all if your looking to stink up the room but stick the landing this is your guy.

  43. user_487230 (verified owner)

    Awesome! Would definitely buy again.

  44. Steve Ringrose (verified owner)

    Smooth taste and the smell is amazing!!! Will definatly be buying again.

  45. moyopierce050 (verified owner)

    Very effective in relieving stress. Also very couchlocking

  46. Feartheheat (verified owner)

    Nice weed for the price, but the buzz was mild at best

  47. George Hikoalok (verified owner)

    Dense and sticky buds. Potent high too. Also a kushy taste after exhaling.

  48. Wikked1 (verified owner)

    Burns nice, with a good buzz.

  49. Donna K (verified owner)

    This was a lovely indica, tasty and effective.

  50. Creepytiki (verified owner)

    Great taste. Great high. Great

  51. Billofry (verified owner)

    This strain hits hard and is quite smooth. Will be buying again

  52. Pitoune9107 (verified owner)

    Good stuff,good taste!

  53. Pitoune9107 (verified owner)

    Good stuff,good taste! I love it!

  54. (verified owner)

    Tasty and does the trick.

  55. miish (verified owner)

    one of my faves, enjoy this one

  56. miish (verified owner)

    as it states, pink rockstar!

  57. Kris Morneau (verified owner)

    Taste great

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