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Mastermind : Gummy Hearts 3000mg
(5 customer reviews)

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The Mastermind Gummy Hearts contain 3000mg of our premium blend of Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms.

The Variety Pack is great for those who love having choices! These gummies are easy on both your stomach and taste buds! The Gummy Hearts are perfect for first timers, or casual day tripping.

Each bag comes with 4 x 750mg Gummy Hearts.

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Cherry, Grape, Lime, Orange, Variety

5 reviews for Mastermind : Gummy Hearts 3000mg

  1. Kenny R

    So I took this with my friends last weekend andWOW. Things started getting vivid and we were laughing for hours and hours. Very fun time!

  2. Phil Hewitt (verified owner)

    Excellent creeping high very trippy if you do 3 wow

  3. Justin Lowe (verified owner)

    Great taste, not as strong as I was hoping for but great for micro dosing

  4. Darrin Lagimodiere (verified owner)

    I have now tried a few gummy and a couple of chocolate base Mushroom edibles, and I find this brand and product the sweet spot. As much as I enjoy chocolate, I found it a less desirable method. So I tried some gummy versions of mushroom microdosing, and these are great, taste and no gut-rot. Its my new go-to for shroom zooming.

  5. sobfreddie (verified owner)

    I have to agree that it wasn’t as strong as doing dry mushrooms, However Taste wise and the light high it gave makes it worth the purchase

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