White Fire OG (AAAA)
(27 customer reviews)

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC: 28%

Cerebral, Creative, Euphoria, Focus, Relaxing

May Relieve
Anxiety, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Nausea

Diesel, Peppery, Pine, Sweet

Diesel, Earthy, Pepper, Pine, Pungent, Woody

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White Fire, also known as “WiFi OG” and “ White Fire OG,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Fire OG X White Rhino. White Fire is one bud that should not be underestimated – with a super potent THC level and high-powered effects, it can quickly lead to anxiety if you’re not careful and toke a little too much. The White Fire high comes on almost immediately as you exhale, smashing into your mind with a sense of uplifted cerebral clarity that infuses you with a sense of focus and purpose. As your mental capabilities grow, your body will slowly succumb to a creeping sense of sedation that leaves you feeling exceptionally lazy, although not couch-locked or sleepy. Given these effects and its powerful 22-28% average THC level, White Fire is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, inattentiveness, depression, and chronic pain. The flavor is of sweet yet sour citrus and pepper, with a smell that’s very much the same although it brings in a touch of earthy diesel at times. This bud has piecey spade-shaped forest green nugs with bright red orange hairs and a thick coating of tiny gold trichomes.


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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7.0 Grams, 14.0 Grams, 1-Oz (28g), QP (112g), HP (224g), 1-Lb (448g), 2-Lb (896g)



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Very High

27 reviews for White Fire OG (AAAA)

  1. Amber Rivers (verified owner)

    The flavor of this strain is good! The way it burns doesnt tickle my fancy!

  2. Len French (verified owner)

    Wi-Fi or just the tipping almost To a five

  3. bubbeh (verified owner)

    i do like to have the taste and this delivered
    also costumer service was second to none

  4. 03yamaha (verified owner)

    Really good buy for your buck.Will buy more for sure

  5. davep (verified owner)

    Very nice high. Great service and fast delivery.

  6. 03yamaha (verified owner)

    Good product when its on sale

  7. Stephanie Blaikie (verified owner)

    Nice wake and bake. Easy on the throat

  8. Seremen (verified owner)

    Definitely a good smoke, has a good high, flavor is good, not harsh at all, always fairly smooth yet full bodied. I would buy again.

  9. Dave (verified owner)

    exactly what i was looking for

  10. jfleener83 (verified owner)

    Some of the finest herb in all the shire

  11. Shamus Mchugh (verified owner)

    Bought twice will buy again.

  12. heyUyesU (verified owner)

    TOP quality product! ‘more More MORE ! how do you like it ? how do you like it ? more More MORE ! ‘

  13. heyUyesU (verified owner)

    28gr of what an old forever smoker like me ‘needs’ arrived so fast, my head spun the other way first! More please!

  14. Daniel Olszewski (verified owner)

    This is basically viagra…

  15. davep (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff. Have ordered it again.

  16. Amber Rivers (verified owner)

    Great price! Amazing aroma an Flavors

  17. MarkJoseph (verified owner)

    Smooth smoke and vape. Great for muscle spasm and nausea. A very enjoyable experience.

  18. Mike G (verified owner)

    One of my favourite strains of all time!!!

  19. heyUyesU (verified owner)

    This is great for alleviating nausea !

  20. heyUyesU (verified owner)

    This is OK for alleviating nausea !

  21. heyUyesU (verified owner)


  22. FatMan (verified owner)

    This strain has definitely made it’s way to the top of my list. Wish I had ordered more! As always delivery and comms were on point. For a fun hight that wont leave you tired afterwards this strain is FatMan recommended

  23. Mike G (verified owner)

    2nd time purchase
    There will be a 3rd soon
    Thanks again

  24. squirelly (verified owner)

    beautiful bud, great buzz, will buy again.

  25. Richard Caron (verified owner)

    Was a good high highly recommended

  26. jaxzen (verified owner)

    Much like the Peanut Butter Rock Star, it is very tasty and extremely good weed. Great for a good relax after work.

  27. Marcellake222 (verified owner)

    Good high. Will buy again

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