Fat Boy Cannabis Gummies (300mg THC) – Pick A Flavour
(79 customer reviews)
  • 300 mg THC per Bag
  • 6 pieces  x 50mg THC
  • Potent & Delicious!
  • Helps: Chronic pain, anxiety, cancer-related symptoms, appetite & more!

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Fat Boy Edibles are largely scrumptious treats aimed to bring a heavy-duty high. Dosages are potent and carefully measured to satisfy your sweet cravings and THC needs. With weighty focus on premium THC, these gummies enhance appetite and overall mood, chronic pain, cancer-related symptoms, anxiety and depression.

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Biggie Blue Raspberry, Colossal Cola, Super-sized Sour Keys, Gigantic Grape, Gooey Gummy Worms, Plump Peaches, Swollen Strawberry, Wobbly Watermelon

79 reviews for Fat Boy Cannabis Gummies (300mg THC) – Pick A Flavour

  1. ALLAN MACPHEE (verified owner)

    Blue raspberry …These little gummies are packed full of flavour and thc at 50mg these are not weak little treats . Perfect for aches and pains and excellent for sleep . Will buy again !

  2. patrick fletcher (verified owner)

    High quality gummies nice high good price will buy more

  3. Redticks44 (verified owner)

    Love these gummy only eat one at a time lol

  4. ALLAN MACPHEE (verified owner)

    Swollen Strawberry. The strawberry flavour in these little treats is perfect , no earthy taste no green after taste just strawberry . They are small but at 50mg each they pack a punch .
    At this t price I suggest you stock up , I am ……

  5. ken Smith (verified owner)

    Fat Boy Cannabis Gummies I liked these gummies very much & I will buy more.

  6. Dean Thomas (verified owner)

    Great Taste definitely would buy again

  7. Dean Thomas (verified owner)

    Great Taste nice sour taste nice body buzz

  8. Wacker (verified owner)

    Good buzz. Good for migraines. No annoying after taste.

  9. Bill Moffatt (verified owner)

    high test , great value !!

  10. trooper (verified owner)

    Got the Super-sized sour keys and they are great! I love my gummies. Recommend for sure!

  11. Carol Chris-Jansen (verified owner)

    Taste good. mellow high , good solid sleep.

  12. Elgok (verified owner)

    Yummu gummies

  13. Shamus Mchugh (verified owner)

    Work good but straight tastes like weed extract.

  14. Amber Rivers (verified owner)

    Works well for pain! Not a fan of the flavoring

  15. Dawe (verified owner)

    Was never a big edibles guy, but I have to say these are really good.
    Had a great night sleep as well!

  16. Daniel Olszewski (verified owner)

    Honestly probably the strongest gummies I’ve ever had in my life. Took about an hour to actually kick in but once a dead I was high as f***..

    At one point I thought I was literally having a stroke I couldn’t move

  17. Daniel Olszewski (verified owner)

    soooo strong. i only ate half.. have been to afraid to have any more. def snuck up on me.. if i ate the whole this i would have been high even after i woke up lol

  18. Cooldogemily (verified owner)

    Great for the price & also the gummies don’t even taste like weed like I find most gummies do. Love it will totally buy again!

  19. cancersucks (verified owner)

    First time I have tried this brand and the flavor was good but they had an after taste that was a bit sharp-so eat a chocolate. The long lasting strong effects were very good. Good product and a good price.

  20. Dawe (verified owner)

    Excellent price for an excellent product. Great high.

  21. Justin Lowe (verified owner)

    Great price, great taste and awesome service with these guys.

  22. Shamus Mchugh (verified owner)

    Work great help me sleep

  23. Tomas71 (verified owner)

    Works great

  24. Tomas71 (verified owner)

    Works great and fast

  25. Mike G (verified owner)

    Eat 1 and watch your favourite movie 🎥 10x better

  26. Megan Kompf (verified owner)

    small but mighty! Really nice flavour too!

  27. Stephen Reid (verified owner)

    Excellent The best I have had in a while

  28. Zachary Brodeur (verified owner)

    Tastes great, price point is perfect, and they get you stoned. What else can you ask for in a edible!

  29. davep (verified owner)

    Great taste and a nice pre stone before a joint

  30. Steve Connors (verified owner)

    Love these gummies I ordered some last week and just ordered a bunch more yesterday my favourite is the coke bottle ones. Will definitely order more

  31. MATT SIMSER (verified owner)

    Great taste found them to be weak

  32. alain b (verified owner)

    These gummies are highs no lows.just a great strait buzz that lasts a long time.great for movie marathons.

  33. Steven King (verified owner)

    As edibles go, these fat boy gummies are best commercial products I’ve tried. Swollen strawberry has great flavour that hides 50mg very well. I bought more at $15 before they were gone.

  34. DarrenAtkinson (verified owner)

    Well, what can I say about this product that hasn’t already been said? I am used to high dosage and this little gummy packed a punch. I highly recommend these gummies. The flavor is extraordinary and hides any of the typical bitter aftertastes you can experience with edibles. Get these guys while you can they are worth every single penny.

  35. Steven King (verified owner)

    I’ve tried both strawberry and raspberry flavors but also ordered gummy worms and sour keys. Way too easy to eat, I love them!

  36. Megan Kompf (verified owner)

    Yum! Nice nostalgic flavour, quite strong- really good value.

  37. David Strohan (verified owner)

    Love these edibles. Goodbye pain and great sleep thanks to these delicious gummies.

  38. Craig Huskinson (verified owner)

    Like to start the day with a couple Fat Boys, Good High, and A Great Price, Will Buy Again for sure !!

  39. ken Smith (verified owner)

    I like the flavor of these gummies because you can get some that are not sour. GOOD BUZZ!

  40. Chris Babik (verified owner)

    Great product for the price grab them while there on sale cant go wrong

  41. Chris Babik (verified owner)

    I love the sour keys

  42. Chris Babik (verified owner)

    Great potency will buy again never find cheaper

  43. Steven King (verified owner)

    Second purchase of Fat Boys, I have to hide them on myself. I think they are the best I’ve had.

  44. Troy Gaber (verified owner)

    Great gummies just right doses for me I have bought theses many times and will purchase again

  45. monika gies (verified owner)

    Yup it did help with my pain and relax.Loved the sour a nd srawberry falvor.

  46. kevinclancy187 (verified owner)

    Ordered a few flavors sis dose not smoke but pain is pain florist time she did blue raspberry she could barley taste the thc so she ate a second and in a half she said she could not feel her lips but was not high yep she love them I order 4 or 5 packs for her a few times a month best ones I have had and the blue raspberry my fav treat your self even a pack between the two of you or woof a pack your self one Friday night you,’ll enjoy the boost

  47. Holly Durham (verified owner)

    Love the taste can barely taste the THC. & gummies don’t usually work for me so I gave some to my friends and family and they loved it and were pretty buzzed for my bachelorette party over the weekend they loved it!

  48. kevinclancy187 (verified owner)

    Keep ordering them on every order great for non smokers work great on sis,s pain and after 2 she’s sleeping the 50 mg a gummies really helps and a great price I was paying more for 10 mg in stores love bulk buy weed they save you money with great products and service if you try them you will trust them and stay with them as I have enjoy always order for non smokers the elderly ECT lots will eat the candy that do not smoke keep a pack or two in .

  49. Stephen Reid (verified owner)

    Great product. Nice flavors and the size is very good.

  50. ken Smith (verified owner)

    I loved all the flavors, I like the fact that you can get gummies that are not sour. Great HIGH and good fast delivery with no problems. Amazing customer service. I will order again.

  51. Imczech10 (verified owner)

    I don’t usually do edibles but I enjoyed them…really hard to have just one!! Good long lasting buzz and the flavour was on par.

  52. arnoldkopak462 (verified owner)

    Not bad its good

  53. kevinclancy187 (verified owner)

    Just try them one two after super for bed night night great sleep even with bad pain 1 or 2 and a joint for some sleep beautiful sleep with out dangerous sleeping pills much better alternative no chem hang over wake up fresh no pill lag .

  54. pierre pouliot (verified owner)

    Some are good, sometimes a little effect

  55. neil ramsay (verified owner)

    new favorite

  56. Wacker (verified owner)

    Good buzz. Great price.

  57. arnoldkopak462 (verified owner)

    I love this fatboy gummie worms and the taste is really great its smooth when eating

  58. heyUyesU (verified owner)

    fresh ! yummie

    will purchase again and again and again …..

  59. Billofry (verified owner)

    Top shelf gummies . Really enjoyed the taste and the buzz

  60. kevinclancy187 (verified owner)

    Just got a 10 pack great deal on sale 50 mg of t.h.c x 6 candy 2 you sleep even with bad pain eat 2 a couple hours before bed night night one in morn 10 packs the way to go if got non smokers treat your self .

  61. joepag (verified owner)

    Excellent. Great value

  62. Annie Tremblay (verified owner)

    Best gummies we’ve tryed!

  63. H.D613 (verified owner)

    My favorite! so good

  64. H.D613 (verified owner)

    Love this kind. Best gummies i’ve ever had.

  65. H.D613 (verified owner)

    Would definitely get again. very good

  66. miish (verified owner)

    takes the edge off the aches and pains .. goes good with a cold beverage as well

  67. Marco_david (verified owner)

    Very good product, love the taste, i will order again

  68. 2raysbaby (verified owner)

    FAT BOY GUMMIES well well well you had my favortie grapes and the nostalgia i got .. perfection!! Only thing i wish is that they were stronger !!! OTHERWISE … AWESOME PRODUCT XO

  69. miish (verified owner)

    subtle buzz, just enough to chill out yet not too much where ur zombie like, ill buy again

  70. allliboaba (verified owner)

    I tried the peach falvored ones, they taste exactly like maynards peach candies, so 10/10 for taste. the problem is i never got any high from those (i took one the first time and two the second time and i usually need only about 30 mg to be high), but i gave what was left to my friend and he absolutely loved them and was super high from half of one.

  71. John Mulloy (verified owner)

    Love these great price will definitely beginning them again.

  72. Dave Pink (verified owner)

    With Fatboy gummies, you get a whole variety of flavors to choose from… What more could you ask for?? I personally like Biggie Blue Raspberry… Give them a try you won’t be disappointed!!

  73. J Wright (verified owner)

    Fat Boy dummies are great. Taste good and the potency is very good. BBW on the other hand has proven very unreliable. I have made two orders and both were screwed up and delayed at the seller’s end of the deal. I ordered a couple of hundred bucks of product last Monday. It has not arrived. Today is Saturday and I will be lucky to have it by this coming Monday. The products are good, the prices are good, but customer service really sucks, in spite of their good faith intentions. The EMT payment method has a lot of problems or BBW doesn’t deal with them properly. Either way, waiting a week or more for delivery is a deal killer. My five star rating is for the dummies, not BBW.

  74. Kitty (verified owner)

    I got these to have on hand for my high dose friends – I’m a 15mg THC person myself, but these are crazy cost effective and you can easily cut them up if you’re a light weight like me!

  75. n4031 (verified owner)

    My favorite! All the flavours are great, but the cola bottles and grape are the best. They deliver a long lasting high and help me fall asleep.

  76. Darrin Lagimodiere (verified owner)

    These are great. Only 50mg per piece, but they are a quality gummy, always flavorful, and great value especially with the Mix and Match 5-pack deal. I’m a fan and bet you will be too…

  77. MARK A TAYLOR (verified owner)

    wow these things pack a punch like you wouldnt believe , if your new at it cut one in half

  78. MARK A TAYLOR (verified owner)

    these are great with out the lingering smell , really good in a work envirement , one gives you a real nice buzz , and the flavour of these candies are amazing as well

  79. Robert K (verified owner)

    Love these gummies! Great buzz!
    If you use them later in the evening, they really help with sleeping too.

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Price Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $17.00.
  • 300 mg THC per Bag
  • 6 pieces  x 50mg THC
  • Potent & Delicious!
  • Helps: Chronic pain, anxiety, cancer-related symptoms, appetite & more!
FlavoursBiggie Blue Raspberry, Colossal Cola, Super-sized Sour Keys, Gigantic Grape, Gooey Gummy Worms, Plump Peaches, Swollen Strawberry, Wobbly Watermelon
FlavoursBerry Mix Indica (100mg THC), Berry Mix Indica (500mg THC), Fruit Punch Sativa (100mg THC), Fruit Punch Sativa (500mg THC), Light & Fruity (500mg CBD)
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