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The Green Samurai Disposable Vape Pen 1000mg
(27 customer reviews)

Β 1000mG THC | 93% THC | Battery Included!

Each pen contains 1.0mL of premium distillate and terpene mixture and is housed within a 530mAh BBTANK vaporizer with an option to charge via micro-USB by unscrewing the bottom cap. PG (Propylene glycol)Β  and VG (Vegetable glycerin) FREE.

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Honesty, honor and loyalty – three virtues that are followed by every samurai. The Green Samurai swears to maintain these humble, yet overlooked values when it comes to everything they touch. From their small-batch artisan gummies to their sleek and discrete vaporizer pens, this Canadian team strives to provide the best products at the best prices, with full transparency. You deserve to know what you’re smoking and ingesting, that’s why Green Samurai Disposable Vape Pens are 100% naturally derived. Sourced from pure Delta-9 THC distillate and phenotype-specific terpenes, these pens are clean, unadulterated and potent. Now you can take your favorite strains with you whenever you are on the go!

Each pen contains 1.0mL of premium distillate and terpene mixture and is housed within a 530mAh BBTANK vaporizer with an option to charge via micro-USB by unscrewing the bottom cap.

PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable glycerin) FREE

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Blue Skittles (Hybrid), Blueberry Kush (Indica), Cherry Pie (Hybrid), Grape (Indica), Green Apple (Indica), Maui Wowie (Sativa), Orange Cookies (Hybrid), Peach Mango (Indica), Pineapple Express (Hybrid), Sour Diesel (Sativa)

27 reviews for The Green Samurai Disposable Vape Pen 1000mg

  1. ALLAN MACPHEE (verified owner)

    Fast and easy, open the box and inhale. Does it get any easier, the flavour is strong and refreshes the air with each exhale. The product is mild, but very sneaky, because it is so mild its easy to lose track of how much you have consumed and before you know it …..boom…. your buzzzed .

  2. Randall Koreman (verified owner)

    great product but I don’t think I’ll be throwing it out when empty…

  3. Tammy OBrien (verified owner)

    Love this product. Most vape pens dont work for me. This is the first one that has. Easy to use. Very good taste, and an excellent buzz. I will get another when this is done.

  4. monika gies (verified owner)

    Love this product good taste and loving the high

  5. Steven King (verified owner)

    Wife says she likes this one, Blue Skittles, doesn’t make her hack and cough. Nice flavour!

  6. Steven King (verified owner)

    Wife says blueberry kush is very smooth and doesn’t make her cough. She would definitely accept another if I am buying.

  7. Steven King (verified owner)

    The Samurai vapes function perfectly and no fillers make them a regular purchase.

  8. monika gies (verified owner)

    o.k…here’s another review..does not make me cought like some other pens,great high!…As they say it does sneak up on you.I would buy it again .

  9. C. Chris-Jansen (verified owner)

    These vapes are easy on the throat. Have a good flavour. Samurai is my go to vape ! Again the service by BBW is great. !

  10. Lox99 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. They work great with no fuss or mess, don’t even have to push a button just take a drag πŸ™‚ Found them to be easier on the lungs than some of the other products out there. And a nice buzz with only one or two hoots . Will be buying more…

  11. Laou Papi (verified owner)

    Great taste, easy to use

  12. David CHURNEY (verified owner)

    Love this…carry it in my pocket for when times are stressful…immediate impact..please don’t drive if this one is with you….

  13. C. Chris-Jansen (verified owner)

    Did not like the taste of the Green Apple so I really wasn’t that upset when I dropped it and the glass broken spilling the contents. Blue Skittles is my favourite good taste, but I think it must be every ones favourite. Its always the first to sell out…

  14. C. Chris-Jansen (verified owner)

    Easy on the throat. Good taste. Lives up to its name. Very convenient.

  15. kevinclancy187 (verified owner)

    Excellent value for money orange,pineapple, now blue Skittles all great and handy good quick clandestine hit recharge batt in bottom will be ordering few new flames great on night stand no embers so safe plus full cartridge 97%pure T.H.C.got kick all in all a 10 will ORDER more no prob .

  16. kevinclancy187 (verified owner)

    Blueberry skittles nice candy tast love the pens full cartrage of real fine oil at 97 % it’s a quick up before you roll or it’s not cool to light up use this in a wash room with fan very little odour jus5 do small hits inside go out for cloud making really good dollar value when 5hink rechargeable pen micro c toss when empty all ways keep coupled in stock to handy not to

  17. Tiago Saieva (verified owner)

    Great high

  18. Billofry (verified owner)

    Nice taste and smooth. Will be buying again

  19. kevinclancy187 (verified owner)

    Okay tried almost all of them just did mowi wow I ,sour derail both nice high at 97 per t.h.c. handy in middle night getting back to sleep quick hit sweet dreams make flower last longer and are very low odor so handy rechargeable on bottom micro c under cap same as most phones and great price grab 2 put then away make great Xmas gifts order now .

  20. sobfreddie (verified owner)

    Bought one of these for my girlfriend and she enjoyed it, Blue skittles is the one we went with has a nice flavor

  21. C. Chris-Jansen (verified owner)

    easy to use fast delivery

  22. Joan West (verified owner)

    Good taste. Very different to try but easy to work. Love it

  23. Mickael Bergeron (verified owner)


  24. Mickael Bergeron (verified owner)


  25. wired4sound (verified owner)

    works great, tastes great and a nice high as well

  26. umkhan (verified owner)

    I purchased this pen the first time and very happy with the purchase. I love how this does not leak and the content is very strong. I got mango flavor. Next time I will try some other flavor.

  27. Wikked1 (verified owner)

    First time buying, and I enjoyed the easiness of it. Got the grape flavour and it’s awesome. Buzz sneaks up on you for sure!

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