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Romeo & Juliet Hash
(16 customer reviews)

THC – 45%

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Romeo & Juliet is a Premium quality hash that was recently imported. It has a dark brown surface matching with it’s soft malleable consistency which makes it really easy to work with. This premium hash was handle with special care and produced by perfectionists. Cured with the perfect level of humidity which results in a very fragrant and pliable final product but still has high level contents of THC. The taste is sweet & earthy with the perfect amount of woody undertones matching it’s scent.

This high percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will provide an instant feeling of relaxation or euphoria as it becomes active in your body’s nervous system within minutes after consumption. The sense of well being you may feel can vary depending on how much was consumed; lower dosages tend to produce a milder effect while higher doses are more potent with stronger psychoactive properties that some people have described as “heavy” or even “psychedelic.”

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1 Gram, 3.5 Grams, 7.0 Grams, 14.0 Grams, 1-Oz (28g)

16 reviews for Romeo & Juliet Hash

  1. Chris Babik (verified owner)

    Old school black hash at its finest

  2. Chris Babik (verified owner)

    Will buy this one again for sure

  3. jaxzen (verified owner)

    Although I did find this hash to be quite tasty I didn’t find it to be exceptionally strong nor did I find the quality of the high as good as it may have been. It is however very reminiscent of the Afghan hash we used to smoke in the 60s and does bring back fond memories.

  4. Chris Babik (verified owner)

    Love this hash great texture

  5. Craig Huskinson (verified owner)

    Awesome Hash !!! I will For Sure be ordering again. Its worth the $$ price, for Afghan Hash.

  6. Qbert Won (verified owner)

    Traditional Black Hash with a good high but find it a little short lived. The smoke and aroma are the traditional black hash. It has a high THC % and soft and ply able. I liked it.

  7. Unlimited (verified owner)

    Very good Hash nice texture, good taste, burns very well good buzz…. A big thank you to the whole team, honest people and fast service….👍

  8. martinpoirier007 (verified owner)

    Très bon hash , le meilleur afgan du site . Asser dur et sens pas grand chose mes le buzz es la et dur longtemps. À essayer de nouveau.

  9. larochestephan (verified owner)

    I judge by the H not by the scale!…im ordering and paid for 28gr(1 oz) and i receiving only 26.5….so for the product and the price its a good deal ..This roméo are not so tasty like i known but they past the test …not too strong on the throat and make a good buzz 5 star

    • admin

      Hey it’s Mike from BBW – I apologize about the shortage and I promise it was in no way intentional, I think a mistake must have been made by our team and i’ve emailed you to fix this immediately!

  10. Feartheheat (verified owner)

    Another winner, and potent, excellent choice if you have a high tolerance

  11. Donna K (verified owner)

    A delicious flavour and excellent buzz. Will buy again for sure.

  12. Feartheheat (verified owner)

    For those who love hash, I recommend this one

  13. Creepytiki (verified owner)

    This is a great hash. Relaxing and enjoyable. Another awesome product.

  14. Rebecca ashker (verified owner)

    Wow, amazing service .They answered all of my questions I had through email and honored the word. Very good quality will deffintly be giving them my business, not too many people around like these guys. Thank you

    • Mike L

      You just made our day! Thank you so much

  15. Fudge (verified owner)

    The Best. Takes me back.

  16. Old smokie (verified owner)

    Nice tasting non harsh H. It’s easy to bake and roll for a good even smoke. The weight and composition is always consistent as with its timely delivery. I’m not into flavors so Romeo and Juliet is perfect for my needs, it has the taste and aroma that brings me back to my younger years as I remember what good H should taste like. I find it relaxing, non overpowering and would certainly recommend this product to others to enjoy and unwind for recreational purposes. BBWC also has great fast and friendly customer service with a great rewards system.

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