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Elite Elevation THCA Diamonds with Terp Sauce – Choose Your Strain
  • Potency: 70-80% THC profile
  • Net Weight: 1g
  • All Strains Are Balanced Hybrid ( ~ 50% Indica : 50% Sativa)

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What is terp sauce?

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extraction, or HTFSE, are a sensory overload of cannabis molecules. When the BHO oil is completely dewaxed, the full spectrum extraction will then begin. The terpenes will separate at room temperature while THCa boulders begin to isolate. We split the two substances and reintroduce them after this separation begins, amplifying the flavour and character of the concentrate product.

What are THCa diamonds?

THCa diamond or THCa crystalline delivers a large dose of THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), which is an inactive compound found within the trichomes of the cannabis plants. Elite Elevation offers a premium variety with or without their terpene sauce (HTFSE). Not to mention, Elite Elevation only uses the finest quality flowers. THCa diamonds are considered the purest form of concentrate on the market testing at 99.9% THC content. Also, these processed little precious gems can range from small grains to gravel-sized pieces. We highly recommend these diamonds for experienced smokers only!

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Do-Si-Dos, Red Congolese, Ghost Train Haze, Mimosa, Sunset Sherbet


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