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Notorious THC Live Resin Caviar – Choose Your Strain
  • Potency: 70-80% THC profile
  • Net Weight: 1g

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What Does Live Resin Mean?

Live resin is a cannabis extract. It is manufactured using only fresh cannabis plant material. The newly harvested plants are frozen to a sub-critical temperature throughout the entire extraction process.

Generally, cannabis is allowed to dry and cure before undergoing any extraction process. However, the drying process takes a toll on the plant’s terpenes. Prolonged oxygen exposure, sunlight, physical agitation, and heat all further degrade the terpenes, but with the extraction process for live resin, the newly harvested plants are instantly frozen, which dramatically helps preserve the plant’s terpenes. The live resin keeps the aromatic fragrance of the plant and its varied flavors.

Live Resin Caviar is a particularly potent creation extracted from fresh-frozen cannabis to retain the most desirable traits of the plant. With its deep burnished gold hue, impressive 4–10% terpene range, and incredible tropical berry and lemon flavors, you won’t soon forget this unique product.

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Gorilla Glue Bomb, Island Pink Kush, Platinum GSC, Purple Punch, Querkle


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